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More Powerkraut Records Ltd Album Reissues!

With the imminent reissue of Einstellung's recent double album "All and Nothing" comes news of two more reissues. Due to demand the first two albums, "Wings Of Desire" and "...And The Rest Are Thunder" are to be reissued with redesigned sleeve art. Wings Of Desire takes on the beautiful artwork of Lucy McLauchlan, a variation of the artwork adorning the album's double-vinyl release in 2009 whilst ...And The Rest Are Thunder's redesign is more subtle, adding an image of the band in the studio on the rear. Both releases come in standard plastic CD jewel cases on Powerkraut Records. All of the Powerkraut reissues are muted for early September 2016 release dates.

All and Nothing Reissue!

Einstellung's sold out double album "All and Nothing" is to be reissued due to demand. We have been inundated with requests for a reissue after the initial limited edition run sold out. The reissue will not include the natural card foldout sleeve and card inserts containing limited photography (new sleeve design above). The reissue will be released, like the original, on Einstellung's Powerkraut Records. Projected release date is September 2nd.

New Powerkraut Records Free Releases!

PK006 consists of five demo recordings, three tracks from Einstellung's second album "...And The Rest Are Thunder": "Das Zerknittern Mit Einer Kay", "Zu Schlecht (zeitwort)", "Sich Zu Schaukeln Ist Oberst", the remaining tracks being "Ich Rechne Damit, Dass Sie Blitzen" & "D Glaub Wie Haus". The demos were recorded at Powerkraut, Einstellung's rehearsal space in 2008. PK007 consists of three demo tracks for the 2016 album "All and Nothing". "Monstermensch", "Ei!" and "Erwähnen Nicht Die Wah" were all recorded at South & City College Birmingham by live sound engineer and lecturer Nils Edstrom. Both releases were recently mixed by Steve Hough and are available as free downloads via Einstellung's Bandcamp page. Videos of the three "All and Nothing" demos can be found on Einstellung's YouTube channel.

einstellung feature in quiksilver promo!

A short edit of Einstellung's "Das War Jetzt, Dies Ist Dann!" from the forthcoming album "All and Nothing" accompanies this Quiksilver promo for their Dark Rituals collection.